Driving while license suspended or revoked (sometimes abbreviated as DWLS or DWLR) can be beaten by proving the officer (1) did not have a valid reason to pull you over, (2) can’t prove you were driving the vehicle, (3) your license was actually valid at the time you were driving.  

Not getting notice of your suspension is not a valid defense.  

DWLS/R is a CLASS A misdemeanor.  This means that the maximum penalties are fines up to $2,500, probation up to 2 years, and jail up to 364 days jail. Some DWLS/R offenses can be charged as a Felony (an offense punishable by 1 year or more in prison) if the basis for the suspension or revocation was D.U.I related, alcohol/drug related, felony related, and depending on your driving history. Some offenses can also require minimum community service hours or jail requirements for example:  a 3rd offense is punishable by a minimum 300 hours community service or 30 days jail.  Some serious offenses require a minimum 180 days in jail.   

Judges often show mercy and give lighter sentences to people who restore their driving privileges while their case is pending.  Suspensions are often caused by: (1) failing to appear in court on old tickets (2) failing to pay old tickets, parking tickets or toll way violations, (3) skipping out on emissions testing (4) not paying judgments from prior accidents (5) failing to prove insurance or maintain SR22 insurance.  These situations are often easily corrected by simply paying the money owed or discharging the money owed in a Bankruptcy.  

Probation is normally available for DWLS/R.  Probation is a period of time where the judge and a probation officer watch over you and not send you to jail. A judge can order fines, costs, evaluations, treatment, community service, drugs tests, and many other conditions including up to 6 months jail as terms of a probation.    

SUPERVISION - is a special type of misdemeanor probation that is available when there is little or no criminal history.  If supervision is completed without a violation the case is then dismissed and there never is a conviction of record. No jail can be ordered with supervision.   Supervision is important because it prevents a conviction of record.  Without supervision, an offense will be a conviction of record that will trigger a NEW ADDITIONAL SUSPENSION or SUSPENSION EXTENSION or POSSIBLE REVOCATION of the license.  A revocation is worse than a suspension because you can’t simply pay a reinstatement fee to get your license back, you must go through a formal hearing to prove your deserve it back.  Also, unlike a suspension, no permit is available except in situations of extreme hardship.

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